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Reach Germany

When we ask people what they think of when we talk about Germany, many answer with "the beautiful castles".  It is true.  We have castles throughout Germany.  Many are famous, such as the one featured here.  Neuschwanstein was the castle that Walt Disney used to create his Disney castle.  There are also smaller fortresses and ruins.  All with a very interesting background story.


The history of Germany is very well known around the world because of Hitler and his regime and the killing of Jews in WW II.  From Germany have come some of the most famous composers, religious leaders, scientists, and humanists.  Because Germany was not founded on the Bible and on Christ,  it´s humanistic view has taken hold.  


What an awesome visual the German flag is for salvation.  The black, of course, representing our sin.  The red, Jesus shed blood at the cross, and white for the forgiveness of sins.  Sad to say, most Germans are oblivious to this message on their very own flag.  33% of Germans consider themselves Catholic, 33% are Lutheran and 33% are atheistic.  Less than 2% are "born again" Christians.  Germany is a very dark land spiritually speaking.

Do you consider Germany a Christian nation?  Most think it is, considering Martin Luther and the Reformation, and famous songs such as "A firm foundation is our Lord." 


Germany?  A Christian nation?  Many believe because of Martin Luther and the Reformation that Germany is a Christian nation.  It has awe inspiring buildings.  Yes awe inspiring, but also very cold and empty.  Featured here is the highest church tower in the world.  The Münster Ulm.

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